Raw sienna

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Raw sienna


Raw sienna at 100x (visible light left; UV light right)

A dark yellow iron oxide pigment. Raw sienna is a natural earth mixture that contains at least 50% hydrated ferric oxide (Goethite) mixed with Alumina, Clay, and some Manganese dioxide. Raw sienna is a semi-opaque, permanent pigment. It was named for the south Italian city of Siena that produced fine grades of the pigment; it was originally called Italian earth.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pigment Brown 6; CI 77491; Italian earth; terre de Sienne (Fr.); terra di Siena (It.); Sienaerde (Deut.); siena natural (Esp.); siena natural (Port.)


Raw Sienna (245).TIF

Raman (MFA)

Raw sienna (Forbes MFA 254) resize.tif





Physical and Chemical Properties

Density 3.14 g/ml
Refractive Index 1.87-2.17

Additional Images

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