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Single cell organisms of the genus Saccharomyces that reproduce by fission or budding. Yeast consists of cells and spores and in dry form, its appears as flakes or granules. Yeast can ferment Darbohydrates into Alcohol and Carbon dioxide and thus is used to brew alcoholic beverages and to leaven in baking breads. It is also a source of B vitamins, folic acid, and Protein. Yeast known as Brewer's yeast are obtained as a byproduct from the brewing of beer.



Synonyms and Related Terms

barm; Brewer's yeast; g¿r (Dan.); Hefen (Deut.); levadura (Esp.); levure (Fr.); lieviti (It.); gist (Ned.); gj¿r (Nor.); droýdýe (Pol.); levedura (Port.); jäst (Sven.)

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