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[Art Preservation Services, NY] A brand name for high performing humidity buffering gel. RHapid Gel contain Silica gel enclosed in packets made from a nonwoven Polyolefin fabric. The covering allows moisture vapor passage in both directions. RHapid Gel packets preconditioned to a set humidity (0% 40% 45% 50% 60% for use 0-65% range) to provide a stable moisture content in a closed environment. RHapid Gel packets have an average value of MH* is 5 for a range of 20% to 60% relative humidity.

Synonyms and Related Terms

RHapid gel; RHapid gel; RHapid Pak

Resources and Citations

  • Art Preservation Services, NY: Website
  • S. Weintraub 'Demystifying Silica Gel' Link

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