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A general term for any natural or synthetic organic material that can be shaped and molded to form a product that retains its given shape. Natural plastics include tree resins, beeswax, gutta-percha, horn, and clay. Synthetic plastics were first made in the 19th century. Celluloid, patented in 1870, was the first to achieve commercial success. Plastics are used as substitutes for glass, metal and wood. They are classified as :

1. Thermoplastic - can be heated to soften then cooled to harden without changing its basic properties. Examples are: polyacetal, as well as some acrylics, cellulose esters, fluorocarbons, nylons, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and vinyl resins.

2. Thermoset - once cured, it cannot be softened with heat or pressure. Examples are: epoxy, phenolic resin, as well as some polyurethanes, polyesters, silicones, and melamine.

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Synonyms and Related Terms

plástico (Esp.); plastique (Fr.); plastica (It.); plástico (Port.)


Physical Properties for Selected Thermoset Resins

Physical Properties for Selected Thermoplastic Resins

Physical Properties for Selected Thermoplastic Resins

General Characteristics of Polymers

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