Synthetic fiber

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Fibers manufactured from substances that have been produced or modified by chemical reactions. Artificial fibers were first made in 1842 when molten glass was formed into filaments. By the late 1880s, man-made fabrics were being made from cellulose nitrate and rayon fibers. Current examples include: acetate, acrylic, alginic, anidex, aramid, azlon, casein, cupro, nylon, novoloid, nytril, modacrylic, modal, olefin, polyester, saran, spandex, sulfar, triacetate, vinal, and vinyon.

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Synonyms and Related Terms

synthetic fibers; man-made fiber; manmade fiber; man-made fibre; fibras sintéticas(Esp.)


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

Fiber Burn Tests

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