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[Zeeosphere Ceramics, LLC.] Light color, inert, hollow Ceramic spheres in the ranging in size from 15-100 microns. Zeeospheres contain Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide gas inside that results in a material with excellent fluidity. They are good insulators for sound, electrical, and heat. Zeeospheres are used as fillers in paints, plastics, Concrete, and Putty.

Other Properties

color: Gray; Hoariness; white mesh: 800, 1250, 2500, 5000 Composition: SiO2 (55-65%); Al2O3 (26-35%); Fe2O3 (0.2-1%); CaO (0.2-0.6%); MgO (1-2%); Na2O,K2O (0.5-4.0%); C (0.01-2.0%); TiO2 (0.5-2%)

Melting Point >1450 C
Density 0.9-1.2

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