8.01.02 Pompeian Blue

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Pigment Number 8.01.02; 8.01.2; 711 (NYU old)
Pigment Classification 8.01 BLUE - Copper Blues (Carbonates and Oxides)
Bottle Label Pompeian Blue, (this pigment appears to be nearly identical in chemical composition and in physical properties with the ancient Pompeian or Egyptian Blue. It is a copper frit.
Collection Source RJG?
Supplier/Manufacturer Lefranc
Date Nov 1937
Sample Composition cuprorivaite (XRD)

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
Brooklyn Museum 8.01.2; 711 (old)
Buffalo State 8.01.2
DIA-Detroit 8.01.2 Two vials (a,b)
ICA-Cleveland 8.01.2 date of 1929
IFA-NYU 8.01.2; 711 (old)
Library of Congress 8.01.2
McRI-Chicago 8.01.2 bottles a and b
Walters-Baltimore 8.01.2 Slide mounted
Winterthur 8.01.2 v; additional date of 1927


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