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Brillo steel wool pads


[Purex Industrial] A registered trademark for a series of cleaning pad products. The original Billo steel wool cleaning pad was developed in 1913 by the Brillo Manufacturing Company. Brillo steel wood pads are composed of a fine grade steel wool pad embedded with a pinkish soap and baking powder. They were originally used to clean and polish Aluminum cookware and utensils. Other Brillo products included All-Purpose cleaning pads made from Polyurethane foam and Scrub n Toss pads composed of a dual layers of white(rayon/Polypropylene) and blue (polyester).

Synonyms and Related Terms

steel wool; Brillo Scrub n Toss Cleaning Pads; Brillo All-purpose Cleaning Pads


  • Steel will rust and degrade.
  • May contain trace levels of toxic or carcinogenic materials.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soap is soluble in water.

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