Brussels lace

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Brussels bobbin lace
MFA# 46.331


1) An inexpensive, but fine quality, Bobbin lace made in Brussels from the second half of the 17th century. Brussels lace is made from local Brabant flax. The large floral and plant designs were joined with a mesh ground to form the larger pattern. The mesh ground has a characteristic hexagon with four twisted and two plaited sides. By the 18th century, the designs were worked separately then added onto a net background. It is thought that Brussels lace may have been smuggled into France and England for sale as English lace (point d'angleterre).

2) A flat, delicate, Needlepoint lace made in Brussels from about 1720. Brussels lace was made to imitate Alençon lace.

Synonyms and Related Terms

point de Bruxelles (Fr.); Brussels net; point d'angleterre; drochel; part lace


Common Types of Lace

Resources and Citations

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