Cetalkonium chloride

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An odorless antiseptic compound widely used as a Disinfectant in detergents. Cetol is active at low concentrations and has been used to kill bacteria, fungi, Algae, and lichens. It does not kill spores. The compounds effectivness is reduced in solutions containing hard water, salts, or organic compounds.

Synonyms and Related Terms

benzyldimethylhexadecylammonium chloride; N-hexadecyl-N,N-dimethylbenzenemethanaminium chloride; Cetol; quaternary ammonium compounds

Chemical structure

Cetalkonium chloride.jpg

Other Properties

Soluble in sorbitol solutions, glycerol, ether

Composition C25H46ClN.H2O
CAS 122-18-9
Melting Point 59
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 395.78

Hazards and Safety

Contact may cause skin irritation. An overdose may cause shortness of breath, cyanosis, CNS depression, low blood pressure, coma.

Fisher Scientific: MSDS


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