Duct tape

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MFA# 2004.2109


A heavy, plastic-coated, waterproof, cloth tape with pressure sensitive adhesive that was developed during in 1942 by Permacel. The 3-ply product was initially composed of a plastic Cellulose nitrate laminated Cotton strips coated with a rubber-based adhesive. Within a short time, the plastic coating was switched to Polyethylene to increase water resistance. It was given the name 'duct tape' in the 1950's when the tape was advertised for minimizing air and water leaks in duct work. Duct tape typically has a silvery-color metallic paint on the exterior surface and is sold in rolls. The most common current adhesive is a synthetic rubber based material, such as Polyisoprene.

Duct tape tuxedo

Synonyms and Related Terms

Duck tape® [Duck Products]

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