Foamboards (table)

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Lightweight, laminated foam panels. Foamboards are typically made with expanded polymers between one or two outer layers of papers of paper, metal or plastic. Some examples of foamboards are Artcare, Fome-Cor, Gatorfoam, and Crescent Rag board. Acid-free foam boards are used for matting and mounting works of art.

For more information see Foams/Supports.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cartón pluma (Esp.); plaque de plastique expensé (Fr.); foam board; mounting board; structural board

Commercial Products: Foam Core; Artcare; Fome-Cor®; Gatorfoam®

Collection Risks

Foamboards vary widely in their potential for off-gassing hazardous materials and should be tested prior to use. Boards containing beaded polystyrene may release beads from cut edge.

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