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[3A Composites formerly Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MO] A registered trademark for an acid-free laminated foam. Fome-Cor® is made from a rigid polystyrene core laminated with paper or plastic on both sides. The rigid, strong, flat panels are water-resistant and dimensionally stable. Direct sunlight will cause bleaching and degradation of any unprotected foam. Even though the foam is acid-free, the wood fiber paper may emit small amounts of organic acids, such as acetic acid. Fome-Cor® has been used as a protective backing for paintings.

Synonyms and Related Terms

FomeCor (sp); Foam Cor (sp); Foam Core (sp); mounting board; polystyrene core board; foamboard


Personal Risk

Combustible, producing styrene and carbon monoxide.

Working Properties

3A Composites Fabrication guide: [[1]]

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