Lead sulfate

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Lead sulfate


Lead sulfate at 100x (visible light left; UV light right)

A white, heavy powder that is used as a Pigment. Lead sulfate occurs naturally in the mineral anglesite. It is synthesized by adding Sulfuric acid to a lead salt solution. Lead sulfate is used in lithography and in weighting fabrics. It is also used as a paint Drier.

Synonyms and Related Terms

lead (II) sulfate; Pigment White 3; CI 77630; anglesite (mineral); lead sulphate (Br.); sulfato de plomo (Esp.); Metallweiss (Deut.); Milchweiss (Deut.); Bleisulfat (Deut.); Anglesit (Deut.); sulfate de plomb (Fr.); theiikos molybdos (Gr.); solfato di piombo (It.); loodsulfaat (Ned.); sulfato de chumbo (Port.); white lead; Flemish white; Mulhaus white; Mulhouse white; milk white


Lead sulfate 521.TIF

Raman (MFA)

Lead sulfate (Forbes MFA 521), 50X, 785 nm copy.tif








Slide17 F521.PNG


  • Toxic by inhalation or ingestion.
  • Noncombustible.
  • Skin contact may cause irritation or ulcers.
  • Carcinogen, teratogen, suspected mutagen.
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in sodium hydroxide solution, concentrated hydriodic acid. Slightly solution in hot water. Insoluble in ethanol.

Transparent colorless particles showing high relief and moderate birefringence under crossed polars

Composition PbSO4
CAS 7446-14-2
Mohs Hardness 2.75
Melting Point 1170 C
Density 6.12-6.39 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 303.28
Refractive Index 1.878; 1.883; 1.895


Characteristics of Common White Pigments

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