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== Description ==
== Description ==
A rich, crumbly [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=soil soil] that is composed of [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=sand sand], [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=silt silt], [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=clay clay], and [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=humus humus]. Loam, usually when mixed with [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=straw straw] and/or [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=lime lime], has been used for [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=mortar%20%28masonry%29 mortar], [http://cameo.mfa.org/materials/fullrecord.asp?name=brick brick], and foundry molds.
A rich, crumbly [[soil]] that is composed of [[sand]], [[silt]], [[clay]], and [[humus]]. Loam, usually when mixed with [[straw]] and/or [[lime]], has been used for [[mortar (masonry)|mortar]], [[brick]], and foundry molds.
== Synonyms and Related Terms ==
== Synonyms and Related Terms ==

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A rich, crumbly Soil that is composed of Sand, Silt, Clay, and Humus. Loam, usually when mixed with Straw and/or Lime, has been used for mortar, Brick, and foundry molds.

Synonyms and Related Terms

terreau (Fr.);


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