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A silvery-white, magnetic metallic element. Nickel occurs naturally in many ores such as nicolite, pyrrhotite, pentlandite, and garnierite as well as in metallic meteorites. Its abundance in the earth's crust is 99 ppm and large reserves are located in Ontario, Norway, Finland, Cuba, China, and Australia. Nickel was first isolated by Axel F. Cronstedt in 1751. Metallic nickel is a hard, malleable metal that can take a high polish and remain untarnished. It is most often used as a protective and ornamental electroplated coatings on other metals, such as iron and steel. Nickel is also used to produce Monel®, a highly corrosion resistant nickel-copper alloy, as well as many other alloys. In Europe, nickel is prohibited in jewelry, watches, and zippers because of its carcinogenic potential via skin absorption.

Nickel ore (pentlandite)

Synonyms and Related Terms

Ni; Nikkel (Ned.); nichel (It.); Níquel (Port.); niquel (Esp.); nicolite; pyrrhotite; pentlandite; garnierite


  • Flammable and toxic as dust and fumes.
  • Oxyacetylene welding may form the highly toxic nickel carbonyl gas.
  • Metallic nickel is a carcinogen and can cause skin allergies.
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical And Chemical Properties

Slightly soluble in dilute hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. Soluble in nitric acid. Resistant to alkalis.

Composition Ni (atomic no. 28)
CAS 7440-02-0
Mohs Hardness 3.8
Melting Point 1453 C
Density 8.908 g/ml
Molecular Weight atomic wt = 58.6934
Boiling Point 2732 C

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