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A family of aromatic polyesters. Polyarylates are made by reacting aromatic dicarboxylic acids with diphenols. They are tough, durable, heat-resistant thermoplastic polymers. Polyarylates are used for aerospace applications and for electronics. Examples are:

  • PEEK - polyetheretherketone
  • PEK - polyetherketone
  • PEKK - polyetherketoneketone
  • PAEK - polyaromaticetherketone

Synonyms and Related Terms

Examples include: PEEK; polyetheretherketone; PEK; polyetherketone; PEKK; polyetherketoneketone; PAEK; polyaromaticetherketone

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Resistant to chemicals and most solvents.
  • Attacked by chlorinated solvents.

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