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[Aspen Aerogels] A flexible high-temperature insulation blanket formed of silica Aerogel that is reinforced with a non-woven, glass-fiber batting. Pyrogel blankets provide exceptional passive fire protection and superior thermal performance in an easy to install, lightweight format. In addition to maintaining a constant temperature, the Pyrogel blankets are hydrophobic and breathable, thus allowing any covered material to maintain a constant environment even in moist, hot, or cold conditions.

  • Pyrogel XTE: best for thermal and acoustical insulation and corrosion inhibition; of used for pipes (Datasheet)
  • Pyrogel XTF: best for passive fire protection and acoustics (Datasheet)
  • Pyrogel HPS: best for high temperature service (Datasheet)
  • Pyrogel XTZ: available with factory-applied foil vapor barrier that is best for low- to moderate-temperature applications such as chilled water piping.


  • Fire prevention
  • Thermal insulation


  • Use PPE when handling, cutting and installing

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Can withstand temperatures up to 650 C (1200 F)
  • Very lightweight
  • Density = 0.2 g/ml
  • Thicknesses = 5mmm (XTE), or 10mm (XTE, XTF, HPS)

Working Properties

  • * Conventional cutting tools may be used (scissors, knives, etc.)

Resources and Citations

Thermaxx Jackets: [ Pyrogel