Silver fox

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Silver fox


A color variation of the Red fox (Vulpes vulpes or Vulpes fulva) found in North America. The silver fox is a blue-black color with silver-tipped hairs. Their Fur is fine and dense with long, silky guard hairs. Silver fox pelts are the most valued of the many types of fox fur and many breeding farms exist for their production. Fox pelts have been used for trim, capes, collars, and cuffs.

Silver fox pelts

Synonyms and Related Terms

Vulpes vulpes; Vulpes fulva; platinum fox; Reynard the fox

Physical and Chemical Properties

Color variants include very light grey to black with some shade of brown or red. Within each hair, the lower 60% (closest to the root); is black, white is in the middle and the tip is again black.

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Resources and Citations

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