1.07.01 Barium Sulfate

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Barium sulfate
Pigment Number 1.07.01; 1.07.1; 140 (NYU old); 525 (MFA); 170 (SCC); 34 (SCC old)
Pigment Classification 1.07 WHITE - Barium White
Bottle Label Barium Sulfate, permanent white
Sample Composition barium sulfate with zinc oxide/sulfide

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
MFA-Boston 525 'tested by J.L.Bohn, 1926'
Brooklyn Museum 1.07.1; 140 (old)
DIA-Detroit 1.07.1
ICA-Cleveland 1.07.1
IFA-NYU 1.07.1; 140 (old) slide specimen only
SCC-Cambridge MA 170: 34 (old)


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