1860-1869, maternity dress, wool or hair fiber skirt trim

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Source: Historic Costume & Textiles Collection, The Ohio State University, http://fashion2fiber.osu.edu/items/show/665

Note: The cotton fibers of the maternity dress and linings can be found at http://cameo.mfa.org/wiki/1860-1869,_Maternity_Dress,_cotton_dress_fabric,_lining,_sewing_thread



Source animal
Accession Number HCT.1999.999.4
Title Wool or hair fiber, bright field, 400X
Image Identification information 001.1995.999.4.6-14-2013.BF.400XMM.wool.hairskirtheminnertrim
Date of image capture 06/14/13
Microscopist K. Jakes
Microscope Zeiss Axioplan
Mounting agent and RI Meltmount, RI =1.539
Fiber size wide fiber diameter
Scales scales barely apparent