3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30NF

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[3M] A low-odor, water-based contact adhesive composed of Polychloroprene. Fastbond 30NF adhesives are designed to have high strength and bond most foamed plastics, laminates, wood, and canvas to themselves and to each other. The product is green when we and dark green when dry.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Green glue


Exhibit: case construction; typically used on surfaces of casework and other exhibit structures; use this product to adhere high pressure laminate material/ barrier material (e.g. Formica) to the surface of structural and surface material. Can be used to “seal” the MDF.

Can be used to adhere materials together, including PVC Sheet, Metal Sheet, Foam Sheeting, and all natural products.

Personal Risks

Apply in a well ventilated area, respirator may be required. Gloves and eye protection should be worn.

3M Safety Data Sheet: [1]

Collection Risks

Links to Oddy Test results posted on AIC Wiki Materials Database Pages for individual materials below

° AIC Wiki for Oddy tests Tested in 1996 (GCI Permanent) and 2019 (MMA Temporary)

Environmental Risks

Listed as Eco-friendly and a Green Guard product from 3M

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Water-based liquid with pH=10-11
  • Boiling point = >64 C
  • Density = 1.1
  • Solids Content = 42.7-57%
  • Dry time = 30 minutes (depends on temperature and humidity)
  • Bonding is immediate on contact. No adjustment is possible

Working Properties

Shelf life of 6 months once opened; 15 month for unopened container. Store at room temperature (do not refrigerate)

Apply to both surfaces as evenly as possible (roll or spray on, 2 coats), let it dry, then place 2 surfaces in contact with each other. Apply consistent even pressure for best adhesion. Consistency of product formula (has not changed since released by 3M) and thin application layer are both positive reasons to select this product over similar products from other brands.

Works well on foams, PVC sheeting, wood and other natural products, as well as some metal sheeting.

Clean up while wet with mild soap and water. Once dry, the product can only be removed using acetate or similar chemical compound

Forms and Sizes

Purchase through 3M product distributors in quarts, half gallons, gallons and five gallon containers

Resources and Citations

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