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Atelier Regional de Conservation Nucleart (Nucleart Regional Conservation Workshop)

"The French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat l'Energie Atomique - CEA) launched the Nucleart programme in 1970. The aim was to use certain specific properties of gamma radiation in the conservation of cultural heritage objects. The Centre d'Etudes et de Traitement des Bois Gorgs d'Eau (CETBGE - Centre for Waterlogged Wood Studies and Treatment) was set up in 1981, under a partnership agreement between the CEA, the Ministry of Culture and the City of Grenoble. Various types of treatment, including freeze-drying, PEG impregnation were used and restoration work began on archaeological wood objects. ARC-Nucleart (Atelier Regional de Conservation Nucleart) was formed in 1989 when the CETBGE and Nucleart laboratory merged." (from website)

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