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[Absorene Co., St Louis] A registered trademark for a soft, kneaded dough-type cleaning material. Absorene® is composed of flour, salt, water with small amounts of mineral spirits and colorant (Estabrook, 1989). Originally, the soft, malleable dough was designed for cleaning wallpaper. A newer version was developed and sold as an eraser for cleaning dust from books and paper objects. Absorene® erasers can leave copious small and large crumbs on the treated surface that darken with age. The crumbs can be removed with a bristle brush. Surface pH measurement of the Absorene® dough gave an acidic value of 4.06 (Estabrook, 1989). Absorene® was discontinued by its manufacturer in 2001 and reinstated in 2005 primarily using synthetic materials. Please see website for current products.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Absorene eraser; Absorene book and paper cleaner; Absorene wallpaper cleaner


Do not use on or near metals due to the potential corrosion from salt.

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