Acrylic adhesive

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Acrylic resins are used for many types of soft, but durable adhesives. As aqueous emulsions, acrylics form a viscous, white latex that polymerizes into a crystal clear solid. It is waterproof, tough and durable. Acrylic resins are also used as pressure-sensitive adhesives for plastic, paper, fabric, tapes and labels. When dissolved in a small amount of solvent, acrylic resins produce a clear, strong, fast-setting adhesive used on a range of materials, including ceramics, fabrics, plastics, metal, paper, wood, and glass.

Synonyms and Related Terms

acrylic mastic (Br.); adhesivo acrílico (Esp.); colle acrylique (Fr.); adesivo acrilico (It.); adesivo acrílico (Port.)

Examples: UHU All Purpose clear adhesive; Bostik All Purpose clear adhesive;


Links to Oddy Test results posted on AIC Wiki Materials Database Pages for individual materials below
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° Black SIL-B silicone foam with acrylic 3M Brand PSA backing adhesive Tested in 2018

° Vinyl-Macal Sheeting Tested in 2010

° Black rabbet tape Tested in 2013

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