Adhesive tape

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Rolls of adhesive tape


A narrow film of paper, plastic, or cloth coated on one or both sides with an adhesive. The name 'adhesive tape' commonly refers to white, medical tape used to bandage minor injuries. Other types of self-adhesive tapes are brown gummed paper tape, masking tape, package tape and cellophane tape (e.g., Scotch® tape). Depending on type, the adhesives are activated by water, solvents, heat, or pressure (Pressure sensitive tape). Double Stick tapes have adhesives on both sides of the support.

Synonyms and Related Terms

pressure-sensitive tape; Klebeband (Deut.); cinta adhesiva (Esp.); ruban adhésif (Fr.); Plakband (Ned.); Limbånd (Nor.); nastro adesivo (It.); fita adesiva (Port.); passe-partout; adhesive strip; adhesive paper; adhesive cloth


May stain paper.

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