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Adobe walls


1) A handmade, sun-dried brick typically made from wet mud and straw. Adobe may also contain Sand, Clay, dung, Grass, chaff, and/or Blood. It is porous, wettable and susceptible to wet-dry cycle degradation. Adobe was used as early as 7000 BCE for houses, buildings and pyramids. It is commonly found as a construction material in arid climates, such as Mesopotamia, Persia, Palestine, India, China and in pre-Columbian Americas. Adobe walls are typically built using mud mortar between the brick layers followed with a mud Stucco finish layer. Adobe provides good heat insulation.

2) A silt or soil containing a high proportion of clay.

Deteriorated adobe walls

Synonyms and Related Terms

mudbrick; unfired brick; unburnt brick, sun-dried brick; sun-baked brick; Adobe (Deut.); adobe (Esp., Fr., Port.);

Adobe bricks

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