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[3A Composites, formerly Alusuisse Composites] A registered trademark for an inert, rigid Aluminum sandwich with a Low density polyethylene core. Alucobond® is an aluminum composite material, or ACM, that was first introduced in Europe in 1967 and in the U.S. in 1977. It is lightweight, strong and weather resistant. Industrially, Alucobond® is used for signs, canopies, exhibits, decks and wall panels. In museums, Alucobond® has been used for case construction and mounts.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Alucobond®; ACM; Dibond (3A Composites)

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  • interior and exterior architectural cladding
  • soffits
  • signage; graphic panels
  • case-wall paneling
  • inserts/risers
  • stretcher/strainer

Personal Risks

  • Nonflammable. Not considered health hazard as sold, but may produce fumes or dust when cut, abraded, welded or processed.
  • Exercise caution in handling all edges.
  • Alucobond: [SDS]

Collection Risks

Links to Oddy Test results posted on AIC Wiki Materials Database Pages for individual materials

° Alucobond Tested in 2017 (MMA, passed)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Aluminum sheets=Peraluman-100

  • Aluminum thickness = 0.020 inches

As sold

  • Nominal thickness: 4mm
  • Nominal weight: 1.56 lb/ft2
  • Moment of inertia: .000212 in4/in
  • Section of modulus: .00275 in3/in
  • Rigidity: 2143 lb-in2/in

Working Properties

Extremely versatile material: can be cut on wood or metal cutting saws or die-punched; milled/machined with router (CNC, router table or handheld), or metal-milling equipment; drilled with drill bits for wood or metal; bent using roll-bender (for gradual curves, minimum radius 2.36”) or break (for corners); fastened with rivets or screws (requires pre-drilling a pilot hole) or core material can be tapped for extremely lightweight applications. Store in flat dry area.

Forms and Sizes

Alucobond® is sold in thickness of 3, 4 and 6 mm with a variety of surface finishes.

Sheet widths

  • Standard coil-coated width of 62”*
  • Some finishes are stocked in 40”, 49.2” or 50”. Please refer to stock material list
  • Custom widths of 40” and 50” available on request

Sheet lengths

  • Standard coil-coated length of 196”
  • Reflect Mirror is offered in 146”
  • Custom lengths for coil coating: maximum 400” - Custom lengths for anodized: maximum 216”

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