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The hard, patterned wood from any of several Pterocarpus trees (P. indicus, P. dalbergiodes, P.soyauxii, P.macrocarpus), that are native to southern Asia. Amboyna wood has a striped, curved or mottled grain that varies in color from pale yellow to a deep red. The medium texture polishes to a silky surface. It is used for veneer, inlay and decorative furniture. Amboyna burls are valued for veneers.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pterocarpus; amboyna burl; amboina; padouk; padauk; angsena; angsama; narra

Amboyna burl table with boxwood inlay

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Specific gravity = 0.72-0.85 (air dry)
  • Density = 35-53 ppcf

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