American holly

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American holly Ilex opaca
American holly Ilex opaca


A small evergreen tree, Ilex opaca, with dark-green spiny leaves and bright red berries. The American holly is native to the eastern United States. Holly timber is a creamy white color heartwood with a greenish-gray cast. It has a fine texture with an irregular grain pattern. Holly has been used as a substitute for Boxwood and, when dyed black, for Ebony. It has been used for sculpture, carvings, small articles, musical instruments, piano keys, Veneer, and Marquetry.

White holly (Ilex opaca)

Synonyms and Related Terms

American holly (Ilex opaca )

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Tree height = 10-15 m
  • Bark = smooth, light gray.
  • Berry = red ( 0.5 cm in diameter)
  • Specific gravity of wood = 0.8
  • Density = 50 ppcf

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