Ammonium bicarbonate

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Shiny, hard, white, prism-shaped crystal. Ammonium bicarbonate is used in baking powder and fire-extinguishers. It is also used for degreasing textiles, for chrome leather tanning and as an additive in ceramics. Hartshorn, or Ammonium carbonate, is a double salt of Ammonium carbamate and ammonium bicarbonate.

Synonyms and Related Terms

ammonium acid carbonate; ammonium hydrogen carbonate; hartshorn; powdered baking ammonia; hjortetakssalt (Dan.); Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat (Deut.); ABC-Trieb (Deut.); bicarbonate d'ammonium (Fr.);


  • Contact and inhalation may cause irritation
  • Fisher Scientific: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in water. pH = 7.8 Insoluble in ethanol.

Composition NH4HCO3
CAS 1066-33-7
Melting Point 36-60 C (dec)
Density 1.586 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 79.06

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