Anidex fiber

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A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 50% by weight of one or more esters of a monohydric alcohol and Acrylic acid (Federal Trade Commission definition). This chemical structure imparts permanent stretch and recovery properties to the fibers. The crosslinked acrylic elastomeric fiber was commercially introduced under the trademarked name of ANIM/8 in 1970 by Rohm and Haas; the company discontinued production a short time later because it was unable to compete with the excellent properties of spandex. The fibers are still manufacturer outside of the U.S.

Synonyms and Related Terms

ANIM/8® [Rohm & Haas]

Physical and Chemical Properties

The fabric have dimensional stability with repeated laundering. Resistant to oxidation, sunlight, oils and bleach. Safe ironing temperature is 320. Elongation = > 500%

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