Aniline red

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A monoazo red dye composed of chlorinated-p-nitroaniline. Aniline Red was discovered by Herzberg and Spengler in 1907. The bright red colorant is approved for use in drugs and cosmetics. It is also used in inks, enamels, paper, plastics, and opaque paints.

See also Magenta.

Synonyms and Related Terms

magenta; fuchsin; D & C Red 36; CI Pigment Red 4; CI 12085; Permanent Red R; Fast Red R; rouge d'aniline (Fr.); rosso d'anilina (It.); vermelho de anilina (Port.)


  • May contain carcinogenic impurities.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Composition C20H0N3HCl
CAS 2814-77-9

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