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A name that has been given to several Copal resins, usually soft, low, quality resins containing embedded insects or vegetation. Most often, anime refers to the resin obtained from the Hymenaea courbaril trees of South America. Confusingly, the name 'gum anime' has also been used for the hard, semi-fossilized, high-quality Zanzibar copal. Anime has been used for making varnishes and scenting pastilles.


Hymenaea courbaril (East indies), Kew 57852.TIF

Synonyms and Related Terms

goma anime (Esp.); animé; gum anime; anime copal; animi; Zanzibar gum; gum Zanzibar


Combustible, burning with a bright flame and dense smoke.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Usually soluble in alcohols. Most copals fluoresce white in short-wave UV light.

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