Antistatic agent

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An additive that minimizes or dissipates the accumulation of electrical charge. Static electrical charges, which can buildup on some polymers, attract dust and foreign matter. Antistatic agents, developed in the 1950s, are typically hygroscopic and thus attract moisture that dissipates the charge. Examples of some antistatic agents are quaternary ammonium salts, aliphatic amines, phosphate esters, and ethylene glycols. They have been applied as coatings for acrylic sheets (Lucite®, Plexiglas®, etc.) and plastic films (Polyethylene, Mylar®, etc.). Antistatic coatings are also applied to some phonograph records, digital records tapes, textiles and paper products.

Synonyms and Related Terms

antistat; destatic agent; destaticization; anti-static agent

Collection Risks

Treated polymers should not be used in contact with artifacts.

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