Archival corrugated board

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Archival corrugated board
Credit: Garry Harrison


Heritage Archival Corrugated board
Credit: Talas Conservation

An acid- and lignin-free buffered cardboard most often sold in light blue or gray colors, but also available in tan and white. Archival corrugated board is typically buffered with 3% Calcium carbonate that provides a pH of 7.5-9.5. A water resistant, modified starch adhesive is used for corrugating. Fluting size is designated by a letter (A-F) that refers to the number of folds per foot.

Synonyms and Related Terms

acid-free corrugated board; blueboard; Blue board; museum board; conservation board; archival backing board;

Related product names: Permec®; PermaDur® Archival Corrugated board; Bi-Corr®; Lineco Archival Backer Board; Corrugated E-flute


  • Box-making, inserts, dividers, backings and supports.
  • Lining drawers and shelves
  • Picture frame backing boards
Archival box
Credit: University Products

Collection Risks

Links to Oddy Test results posted on AIC Wiki Materials Database Pages for individual materials below

° ProLong 500 year blue/grey archival corrugated board Tested in 2003

° Archival (grey, blue/white) corrugated board Tested in 2010

° 500 YearTM corrugated (blue/grey) board Tested in 2002

° Archival corrugated (blue/grey) board tested 2006

° Archival Corrugated Board, blue/grey, double wall Tested 2012

° Archival Corrugated Board, blue/grey, single wall Tested in 2016

° Blueboard Tested in 2016

Working Properties

Like all corrugated products, blueboard is stronger in one direction. This can be mitigated by cross-lamination sheets (PACCIN).


  • Available in pre-cut sheets is sizes ranging from 8” x 10” up to 55” x 120”. Larger sizes (40" x 60" and up) requires trucking.
  • Thicknesses range from: single-wall E-flute 1/16”, single-wall B-flute 1/8”, double-wall BB-flute ¼”.

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