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[Fuji Silysia Chemical] A registered trademark for a moisture sensitive Amorphous material used to buffer changes in humidity. Art-Sorb is composed of Silica gel blended with 10% of hygroscopic salt (Lithium chloride). It is available as beads, sheets or cassettes that have been preconditioned to specific humidity levels between 40-70% at intervals of 5%. Art-Sorb absorbs and desorbs moisture to maintain the humidity levels to within +/- 2% of the preset value until it has reached its capacity. It may be reconditioned as needed using an oven or by misting with water to reach the appropriate water to volume proportions specified in the manufacturer's technical information sheet. Art-Sorb is dust-free and relatively unaffected by temperature changes. Art-Sorb sheets are composed of nonwoven PE/PP fibers loaded with silica. The cassettes contain Art-Sorb beads encased in Art-Sorb sheets held in a cardboard holder.

Art-Sorb Cassettes
Art-Sorb Sheets

Synonyms and Related Terms

Art Sorb (sp); ArtSorb (sp); silica


Forms and Sizes

  • Fuji Silysia sells beads, sheets, cassettes (DRY*, RH40%, RH45%, RH50%, RH55%, RH60%, RH65%, RH70% products) (Except sheet is not available dry)
  • Creative Humidity sells the products as follow:
Type RH Level Availability
Cassettes 40% 50% 60% X X
Sheets X 50% 60% X X
Free Beads 40% 50% 60% 65% 70%

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