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Hat made from astrakhan wool


Tightly curled, black fur obtained from the fleece of young or stillborn lambs of Karakul sheep native to the Lake Kara Kul region of Uzbekistan. The highly valued karakul lamb pelt is removed shortly after birth. A broadtail pelt, which is softer and silkier, is obtained from a still-born lamb. Imitation astrakhan is called astrakhan cloth and was originally made in Russia. It is a inexpensive woolen fabric made by heat-treating pile yarn to produce helical coils. Astrakhan fur and astrakhan cloth are used for lining and trimming coats, caps, and muffs.

Synonyms and Related Terms

astrakhan cloth; astrachan; karakul; Persian lamb; broadtail; Swakara (Southwest African karakul);astracán(Esp.)

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