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[Conservator's Products, Chatham NJ] A registered trademark for a nonionic high viscosity adhesive. BEVA® D-8 is an aqueous emulsified mixture of ethylene vinyl acetate. It is used as a wet adhesive and as a hot-melt. BEVA D-8 dries to a clear, colorless film which is not soluble in water.

Synonyms and Related Terms

BEVA D-8 (sp)


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Soluble in xylene, toluene after drying.
  • After prolonged aging, the dry film is also soluble in alcohol
  • Appearance = white liquid with slight acetic odor
  • Boiling point = 212F (100C)
  • Density = 1.06-1.09 g/ml
  • pH= 4-5

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