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A South American tree of the genus Centrolobium that produces a colorful wood. Balaustre wood can be yellow or red with streaks of red or black. It usually has a straight grain, fine texture, and polishes to a high luster. Balaustre has been used in shipbuilding and as a veneer for cabinetry.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Centrolobium; arariba; canarywood; canary wood; porcupine wood; zebra wood, amarillo (Panama); redwood (British Guiana) ararauba, arrabi, arariba, araruva, iriba, pau rainha, putumuju (Brazil); morosimo (Paraguay); cartan (Venezuela); araribá rajado (Port.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Specific gravity = 0.75-1.0
  • Density = 47-63 ppcf

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