Barium chromate

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Barium chromate


Barium chromate

A banana-color yellow pigment that is also called barium yellow. Barium chromate is precipitated from a Barium chloride solution by the addition of Potassium dichromate. Barium yellow is a fairly permanent pigment but it may turn green slowly in light. It has low tinting strength and opacity. It was not widely used as an artists pigment by itself but was sometimes mixed with Strontium yellow and Zinc yellow then sold under the name lemon yellow or citron yellow. It was also used for coloring glass and ceramic glazes. Currently barium chromate is used in anticorrosion pastes and in metal primers.

Synonyms and Related Terms

barium yellow; Pigment Yellow 31; CI 77103; Bariumchromat (Deut.); chromate de baryum (Fr.); cromato de bario (Esp.); amarillo de bario (Esp.); chromiko bario (Gr.); giallo di bario (giallo di barite) (It.); barium chromaat (Ned.); cromato de bário (Port.); amarelo de bário (Port.); ultramarine yellow; lemon yellow; lemon chrome; permanent yellow; baryta yellow; Steinbuhl yellow




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Human carcinogen. Skin contact may cause allergies. Acute ingestion may cause fatal chromium poisoning. Chronic inhalation may cause lung cancer and respiratory irritation. Combustible.

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in mineral acids. Insoluble in water or dilute acetic acid. Microscopically, it may appear as colorless, birefracting, rhombic plates,

Composition BaCrO4
CAS 10294-40-3
Density 4.45-4.49 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 253.32
Refractive Index 1.94 - 1.98

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