Bismuth chromate

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An orange reddish amorphous powder. Bismuth chromate has been mentioned as having been used as a pigment in the early 19th century. However, it was expensive and offered no clear advantages over the other available pigments at the time.

Synonyms and Related Terms

basic dichromate; cromato de bismuto (Esp.); chromate de bismuth (Fr.); cromato di bismuto (It.); cromato de bismuto (Port.)


  • Human carcinogen.
  • Skin contact may cause allergies.
  • Acute ingestion may cause fatal chromium poisoning.
  • Chronic inhalation may cause lung cancer and respiratory irritation.
  • NIH: Information sheet

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Soluble in acids and alkalis.
  • Insoluble in water and ethanol.
  • Composition = Bi2O3-2CrO3

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