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MFA# 18.243a-b


A waxy, cloudy or powdery haze that appears on the surface of paint, varnish, leather, ink, metal,concrete, glaze, or plastic. For any material, the bloom may be due to the deposition of atmospheric pollutants such as Ammonium sulfate. For individual materials the following explanations have been given:

  • Varnish: trapped or condensed moisture often due to varnish application in humid conditions. Wax-based media may also produce blooms on varnish.
  • Paint: exudation of organic salts formed by reactions of the oils components with pigments or driers (Ordonez and Twilley, 1998).
  • Plastic, rubber or ink: exudation of additives (plasticizers, lubricants, antistatic agents, waxes, etc.) or unreacted monomers.
  • Leather: Ellagic acid crystallization after tanning with some pyrogallol type vegetable tannins, such as myrobalan, Valonia, and Divi-divi.
  • Metal: trace impurities that crystallize on the surface after casting.
  • Photographic plate: dried residues from tap water.

Synonyms and Related Terms

haze; efflorescence; chill; blush

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