Blue Wool Standard

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Blue Scales (Textile Fading Cards)


[International Standards Organization] A standard developed to characterize lightfastness of materials. The Blue Wool Standard consists of a card that contains eight sections of blue-dyed wool cloth, each with a different lightfastness. The dyes fade at a known rate. Each section requires about twice as much light exposure as the preceding section in order to fade to the same degree. Section ISO 1 is the most fugitive and ISO 8 the most stable. In the absence of ultraviolet light, it takes approximately 400,000 lux hours to cause noticeable fading for the ISO 1 level and 900 million lux hours for the ISO 8 level (Michalski 1990).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Blue Wool Fade Card; ISO Standard R 105; British Standard BS 1006; fading card; norme ISO laine bleue (Fr.)

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