Burnt sienna

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Burnt sienna


Burnt sienna at 200x

A dark reddish brown iron oxide pigment prepared by burning Raw sienna. Burnt sienna is a permanent pigment. Named for the south Italian city of Siena that produced fine grades of the pigment, it was originally called Italian earth.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pigment Brown 6; CI 77491; Gebrannte Siena (Deut.); siena tostado (Esp.); terre de Sienne brûlée (Fr.); sienna psimeni (Gr.); terra di Siena bruciata (It.); bruine oker (Ned.); gebrande siena (Ned.); terra de Siena queimada (Port.); Caledonian brown; burnt ocher; mineral brown; Turkey umber; Italian earth;

Burnt sienna at 200x , polarized light
Burnt sienna at 500x


No significant hazards.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Density 3.56 g/ml
Refractive Index 1.85 (var.)

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