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Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online

The Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO) is an Internet based data collection that compiles, defines, and disseminates technical information on the collections of terms, materials and techniques used in the fields of art conservation and historic preservation. CAMEO, formerly called the Conservation and Art Materials Dictionary (CAMD) was developed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It contains over 10,000 records of natural products and commercial materials (e.g.,pigments, minerals, binders, coatings, adhesives, fibers dyes, solvents, reagents, corrosion inhibitors, woods, pollutants, pest control agents, storage materials, etc.). Definitions, chemical and physical parameters, photographs, micrographs, spectra, and comparative charts are included. CAMEO supplies information and images in a concise format while allowing the flexibility for search and comparison of materials.

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