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1) A natural admixture mineral of Zinc carbonate and hydrous Zinc silicate. Because the two ores are very similar and often occur together, the name calamine was given to the mixture but also incorrectly used for the separate minerals. To differentiate the minerals, they were given new names of smithsonite(zinc carbonate) and Hemimorphite (hydrous zinc silicate). However, the name calamine is still sometimes used incorrectly.

2) A commercial product name for a pink lotion containing Zinc oxide, red iron oxide (0.5%) and Mineral oil. Calamine lotion is used as a skin protectant and salve.

3) A copper alloyed with zinc. See Calamine brass.

Synonyms and Related Terms

!) zinc carbonate; zinc silicate; zinc oxide; zinc spar; hemimorphite; smithsonite

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • 1) Density = 4.1-4.5 g/ml

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