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Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra)


A heavy, dense wood obtained from the Cordia gerascanthus tree native to the Caribbean and South America. Canalete is a dark reddish brown wood with irregular black streaks. It has a medium texture and a straight grain. Canalete finishes to a smooth surface with a medium luster except for the black figuring which has a metallic sheen. It is used for furniture, cabinets, brush handles, and decorative objects.

Canalete (Cordia gerascanthus)

Synonyms and Related Terms

Cordia gerascanthus; siricote (Mexico); salmwood (British Honduras); Ecuador laurel, princewood (UK); louro, lauro (Brazil); peterebi (Argentina); caroubier (Fr.); canaletta; cordia; anaconda; geiger tree; sebestena; bocote; solera; ziricote; amapa, baria

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Density = 50-60 ppcf

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