Carpenter bee

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Carpenter bee


Any of several solitary bees of the genus Xylocopa found in most areas of the world. Carpenter bees bore tunnels in wood for their nests. They tend to prefer weathered and unpainted wood. Carpenter bees have shapes similar to bumblebees, but the top surface of their abdomen appears bare and shiny instead of hairy like bumblebees. Species include: - X. virginica: Eastern half of US; 25 mm; female (black face), male (yellow face) - X. californica: West coast of US; 20-25mm; both (metallic blue-green) - X. varipuncta: West coast valleys: 18-20 mm; female (black with metallic reflections, male (light brown) - X. tabaniformis: West coast mountains and foothills: 12-17 mm; both (black)

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Size: 12 - 25 mm

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