Casemaking clothes moth

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Casemaking clothes moth adult


A clothes moth, Tinea pellionella Linnaeus and related species. Adult casemaking clothes moths are brown with 3 dark spots on each wing. The adult insects have a wing span of 7 to 9 millimeters. Eggs hatch in 4 to 7 days then the larva feed for 41-56 days. The larvae stage feeds on proteinaceous media, such as woolen fabrics, Hair, pelts, hides, and feathers. The 7-8 mm long larvae are white with a brown head. They encase themselves in a case spun out of the material the were feeding on. They pupate into moths in 9 to 20 days then just live long enough to mate and lay new eggs (4 to 7 days).

Casemaking clothes moth

Synonyms and Related Terms

case-bearing clothes moth

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